Thursday, May 15, 2008

A question of taste

Learning that I'm to appear in Tasting Her has left a great taste in my mouth!

Tasting Her (and the companion book, Tasting Him) are forthcoming anthologies of stories with oral-sex themes, edited by legendary erotica gourmet Rachel Kramer Bussel and published in the five-star kitchen of Cleis Press.
And, wow, a slew of my favorite writers are on the menu. My taste buds are tingling already!

Table of contents [order subject to change]:
Reading Her Lips: Loving and Learning About Oral Pleasures
Cavanaugh's Ridge by Jeremy Edwards
Teaching Teresa by Gwen Masters
Queen of Sheba by Jen Cross
Suspension by Craig J. Sorensen
Kiss the Cook by Giselle Renarde
Happy Hours by Adelaide Clark
Spill by Alison Tyler
Raincheck by Emerald
Treatment for a Tongue Job by Thomas S. Roche
The Goth Chick by Lisette Ashton
The Vitality of Youth by Joanna Christine
Cunnilingus 101 by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Read Her Lips by Stan Kent
Down There by Julia Moore
To The Point by Rita Winchester
Hold On, I'm Coming by Kristina Wright
Dropping the Hint by Drew James Dyer
All About the Girls by Shanna Germain
The Dominance of the Tongue by Teresa Noelle Roberts


Emerald said...

Indeed, yay!! I was elated to get the news today too, and congratulations -- especially on being the lead-off story! Very cool.

And congrats also on your lovely story at Clean Sheets this week, which I just finished reading. :)


Craig Sorensen said...

It's great to be sharing the same pages with you Jeremy, and you too Emerald!

Bet you'll be a tough act to follow, up there in that lead off position, Jeremy! I look forward to reading "Cavanaugh's Ridge."

Well done!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Emerald! Congrats to you, too!! I'm so glad we'll be book neighbors again. And thanks for the thumbs-up on the CS story! (Do bees have thumbs? I still think of you in the bee outfit, you know.)

Craig, thanks and backatcha!! Two troublemaking PA boys (that's you and me, in case you don't recognize the description) within one volume ... is the world ready??

And I see from your blog that you'll be in "Him" as well as "Her." Awesome!

Hmm . . . do I smell frozen dinners? What's going on over there?

Emerald said...

Likewise, Craig, and thanks!

Likewise to you as well Jeremy, and of the many outfits I've been privy to wearing, the bee one is indeed still one of my favorites (while it was still intact...) and one that I don't mind being remembered in! ;) By the way, your comment made me laugh so much that I quoted you on my blog -- I hope you don't mind. :)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, thanks for quoting me, Emerald! I'm honored!