Monday, December 13, 2010

Mozart My Figaro!

Attention, fans of classical-music kink: is featuring an excerpt from Rock My Socks Off that I hope will really mozart your figaro!

Liberator is now stocking RMSO among their sex-positive supplies of various kinds—and everything is 20% off through end of today!


Craig Sorensen said...

That is one fabulous album cover!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Or perhaps we should say "album uncover." : )

Madeline Moore said...

Way to go Jeremy. You are just, like, everywhere. It's fab.

I've put up a post today on behalf of writers. I hope you and other writers who visit your site will come read it and tell me if I'm wide of the mark or not.

Thank you! Happy sales!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, MM! (That's "MM" as in Madeline Moore, not Maestro Mozart.)