Sunday, December 23, 2007

Charity comes early this year!

Awesome editors Alessia Brio and Will Belegon and the phantastic people at Phaze Books have managed to get Coming Together: Under Fire on the market, in both print and e-book form, ahead of schedule. In other words . . . it's available NOW! This latest volume in the erotica-for-charity series is a benefit for wildfire relief. Here's a peek at the table of contents (italics indicate poetry—so, for example, "Kindle" is a poem by Pushcart Prize nominee Shanna Germain):

Introduction (Will Belegon); Fire and Ice (Rachel Kramer Bussel); Kindle (Shanna Germain); The Fire God's Woman (Brenna Lyons); Slow Burn Blues (Lefty McGee); Blind Date (Stephanie Vaughan); Candle Spell (Teresa Noelle Roberts); Good with His Hands (Sommer Marsden); The Poem That Will Fuck You Up (Lauren Hynde); The Secret to Perfect Fondue (Jeremy Edwards); Desire Becomes Demand (Mari Freeman); Awake, Love (Laurence Doyen); wither (Alessia Brio); Fire (Lisabet Sarai); Adagio (Vana Lafayette); A Night at the Inn (Jamie Hill); Make Me Yours (Rachelle Le-Monnier); Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Vincent Diamond); Woman, woman (Justanne Farrow); Flaming Rescue (Jude Mason); Bondage Sonnet 2 (Dr. Mabeuse); Melting Point (Nicole Gestalt); Ask Alice (Selena Kitt); Shadow Lover (Sapphire Phelan); Goddess of Poetry & Fire (Teresa Noelle Roberts); Flaming Hot (Victoria Blisse); Spontaneous Combustion (Aurora Black); Swing It, Baby (Skylar Sinclair); In Fire (Rebecca Leah); Rising Phoenix (Samantha Sommersby); Désir Brûlant (Gabrielle Miel); Burn Zone (James Buchanan); Dark Disguises (Lefty McGee); Inferno (Michelle Houston); Fire Escape (Shanna Germain); Drive-In (Tilly Greene); Creatures of Fire (Teresa Noelle Roberts); The End of the World (Gwen Masters); Epilogue: About Coming Together (Alessia Brio)

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