Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Glimpsing Jeremy

If you'd like to glimpse my latest online story, head over to Clean Sheets, where "Glimpsing Gretchen" has just appeared!

Thank you, Clean Sheets!


Just Craig said...

It all starts with a little glimpse, eh?

Very tasty, Jeremy.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig! You know the old saying: "A glimpse a day ... er ... um ... and so on."

kathrynoh said...

Just got a chance to read your story. Delicious :D

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Kathryn!

Novice said...

Finally I decided to check out your blog!

Glimpsing Gretchen was wonderful. I love it when erotica can be arousing, humorous, and comforting all at once. Full of Ideas gave me that impression as well.

I actually laughed aloud at "Sorry, Brenda."

I will be back.

Jeremy Edwards said...

What a wonderful comment to wake up to, Novice! Makes my day. Thank you!