Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rubber baby buggy bumper!

The table of contents for Rachel Kramer Bussel's Rubber Sex anthology has been announced, and I'm thrilled to say that my story "Tire Stud" is part of the rubber bumper crop!

And what great writers I'll be rubbering elbows with! Here's the complete list of passengers in the rubber baby buggy:

Introduction: Sleek, Shiny, Sinful and Seductive
The Dress by Kristina Wright
In a Single Bound by Shanna Germain
Rubber Necking by Alison Tyler
Slicker than Slik by Radclyffe
Stretching Logic by Jean Roberta
Tire Stud by Jeremy Edwards
Justine, in Latex by Lillian Ann Slugocki
Bathing Beauty by Andrea Dale
In The Middle by Jessica Lennox
Lick of Pain by Crystal Barela
How to Liven Up a Boring Party by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Sergeant Pepper by Rakelle Valencia
Tight Squeeze by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Butterfly's Kiss by Thomas S. Roche
Cinema Show by Elizabeth Coldwell
Exchanges by Stella Hunter-Smith
Rubber Party Virgin by Jay Starre
The Balloonatics by Gregory L. Norris
Breathing by Tenille Brown


Craig Sorensen said...

Big congrats, Jeremy! Looks like a rubber baby buggy bumper crop for you this year

Sorry, couldn't resist.

But should have.

Smut Girl said...

Mmm. You're Michelin Man is v. nice and rotund, isn't he...

Cassie Exline said...

Congrats! Try saying "rubber baby buggy bumper" 10 times real fast! Love the fedora!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, all!

Can you say fedora fodder folderol eleven times fast? (Ten is easy—it's the eleventh one that trips people up.) ; )

kathrynoh said...

Congratulations. I've been trying to come up with some very clever rubbery pun but the ideas just keep bouncing around... ha, ha that's as good as it gets!

Nikki Magennis said...

Slick cover, J! And a stunning line up, too, by the looks of it. She does do a nice antho, that Rachel, doesn't she? Congrats!

Jeremy Edwards said...

So many nice visitors! We probably have enough for a rubber of bridge.