Sunday, January 6, 2008

Serious sexiness

Yeah, they look pretty serious, don't they? I mean, if I walked into a room and saw that, I would probably decide that it wasn't a good moment to ask if anyone needed anything from the supermarket, or if either of them had seen a weather forecast for the weekend.

But though I might not be in on this couple's delicious interaction, I am in on the book! Seriously Sexy 1 will be published in February and will include my story "Impressionism."


Just Craig said...

Hot freakin' cover, Jeremy.



PS my verification word is mcehewt. Given today's "accent" post on LB, I'm hearing it with a Scottish accent. "Thaht's rright McEhewt, eet was a bonnie mahrnin'!" Can you hear it?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ha! Perfect.

But how did you know my real name was McEhewt?

Smut Girl said...

oh. my. what a nice cover. i just can't tell who's hands are who's hands but that doesn't really matter. not if the hands are put to good use...right? ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey, maybe it's all one person! You know, some sort of pansexual, multi-limbed love deity.