Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adventurous Ink

Angela Cameron has interviewed me for her Adventurous Ink blog. The post also includes an excerpt from a little novel I recently finished writing.

Thank you, Angela!


Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Jeremy,

Loved the interview. Congrats on finishing the novel. Nice excerpt!

And I loved the answer to the question about what surprises you about writing:

The way that exciting new ideas pop into your head and save the day, just when you feel you've run out of ideas FOREVER.

Hear, hear!

Verification word: eynymmka

I had that once when I was in Germany, but medical technology has made remarkable strides.

I'm feeling better now.

Novice said...

Sexy stuff and funny stuff are typically both found in your story.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig and Novice!

I thought Eynymmka was a girl's given name.