Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just lunch (and a bookstore tug-of-war)

Today I had the privilege and pleasure of eating lunch with "Just Craig" Sorensen. (That is, I only had lunch with Craig Sorensen. Lunch only with just Craig. That is, I had lunch with Craig Sorensen only. Glad we got that settled.)
Craig was waiting for me in the parking lot. I had no trouble finding him—it seemed a sign had been, um, erected to indicate the designated assembly point for male smutters. (Note to self: I must speak to them about this unfortunate habit of placing gratuitous apostrophes in simple plurals.)

Things did not go quite as smoothly in the bookstore, however. As you can see, a bit of a gentlemanly scuffle occurred between me and Craig (only) over possession of the lone copy of Kristina Lloyd's Split that we found in stock. When a sales clerk attempted to resolve the situation, Solomon-style, by suggesting we split Split, she met with four erect eyebrows. Obviously, the poor, ignorant fool didn't realize this was Kristina Lloyd month!

Craig and I were pretty sure that our lunch had occurred in Pennsylvania. Imagine our surprise when we looked around a short time later and discovered that we had somehow wandered into Sommer Marsden's own Maryland! Could it be that our strictly-literary conversation about various female erotica authors had distracted us from paying attention to where we were headed?


Kristina Wright said...

Hey! I'm in Virginia-- you should have come on down! :) (Seriously-- we should have a East Coast meet up somewhere... Sommer's house?)

kristina lloyd said...

Ha ha! That's brilliant. I'm so thrilled, thank you! It feels a little bit as if I had lunch with you guys. Ah, and you fought over me.


Smut Girl said...

You two bad boys didn't come visit! Yes, I know. You still could have been ages from my house at that point but still...I am well worth the trip!

Hope you two had a fantastic time talking smut.

Sounds good. Everyone come to my house for the smut convention!

KL, I am sooo jealous. Your lucky Split. ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Woohoo! Party at Sommer's place!! See you there, KW! (KL, now that we've lunched on your Split, how can we lure you across the pond in the flesh?)

kristina lloyd said...

What if Sommer promises to let me stroke her crutches?

Heidi Champa said...

Don't you hate it when you just end up in Maryland, Jeremy! I know I do. ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey, Heidi! Whew—glad to hear we're not the only ones who have accidentally stumbled over the border. (Nothing against Maryland, mind you, Sommer—it's just that I prefer to cross borders intentionally.)

I know—Let's play Pennsylvania "Twister"!

Right hand: Ohio.

Left foot: New Jersey.

Left hand: In Kristina Lloyd's knickers.

Oops, I think someone* must have slipped me the "naughty" version of the game. Hmm ... the box says "Knickers in a Twist-er."

*I suspect Alison Tyler.

Cassie Exline said...

Hey! I can't believe you two Pennsylvania fellas skip this Pennsylvania chick! What's wrong with you two?? Just kidding, kinda lol Sounds like you both had a blast. Can't wait for that party at Sommer's.

Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Cassie,

We did think of you!

That settles it. Brace yourself, Maryland, the smutters are on the way, and this time we'll know where were going!

Kristina, we'll just have to fly you in.

Stoke up the barbeque, Sommer. I'm going to need to grill something.

Alison Tyler said...

Wow, this may be the first time I was ever sorry to be trapped in sunny California!


P.S. I expect my Twister game back with all parts. But please sure to hose off the mat first!

Alison Tyler said...

Of course, that's "be sure."
See? You've got my tongue in a Twister as well...

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm sure Jeremy will be keen to hose off the mat, Alison! ;-)

What do you want me to toss on the grill for you?

Alana said...

HI J-Man,

Thank you for the link. No idea you and Craig lived in such proximity to one another. Cool. I could use some proximity right now.

As for tug-of-war, every writer should be so lucky as for her or his work to become that desired.



Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey, Alana!

Can you climb over to Pennsylvania from Oregon by taking advantage of their alphabetical proximity? Then we can give you a piggyback ride to Sommer's.

Smut Girl said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment again. I was busy cleaning for all this company.

And shining my crutches for KL.