Saturday, August 9, 2008

Books of '09

I have two more forthcoming anthology publications to announce today!

Early in '09, my story "Francine's Kid" will be published in Coming Together: At Last (ed. Alessia Brio), a two-volume collection of erotica that will benefit the heroic human-rights organization Amnesty International. Each story in this collection involves characters who are different races from each other sharing love/sex/lust. The book's release is intentionally timed around Martin Luther King Day. Erotica, racial harmony, Dr. King, human rights ... I'm damn proud to be part of this!

And I'm also super-excited to be able to say that a piece of mine called "Human" has been selected for inclusion in an anthology put together by the folks at Oysters & Chocolate! This collection will be released by NAL/Penguin in May, 2009. The O&C website is the home to a number of my stories, and I'm thrilled to be part of the first O&C book.


Neve Black said...


I'm going to be in O&C's anthology as well. This is a first for me, Jeremy, and all too exciting.

Yah.I'm glad to know my story will be snuggled somewhere in between your story. ;-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey, that's great, Neve! Big kudos!

I'm glad to know my story will be snuggled somewhere in between your story.

Likewise! (No hogging the blankets, now.)

Heidi Champa said...

Congrats. To both of you.

Craig Sorensen said...

Well done, Jeremy and Neve!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Jeremy & Neve -- woo-hoo. Cheers! Bravo! Congrats to you both.

Smut Girl said...

Yay, you. Again! It's a yayyouapalooza!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanksapalooza, everyone!

Emerald said...

Congrats, Jeremy!!! Very cool news!


Allison Wonderland said...

Howdy, neighbor. I see we're going to be in the same volume of At Last. Quite an honor. I look forward to reading your story.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Allison. Thanks! Likewise, I was so pleased to see that we're together At Last in a table of contents—truly "Synchronized"! ; )