Friday, August 22, 2008

My naked voice on the radio

To help spread the word about the Ultimate Burlesque anthology—the teaserotic September release that will help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support—the legendary Gracie Passette has invited me to appear on her Cult of Gracie radio show next Wednesday night, August 27 (10:00 to 11:00 p.m., EDT). I can't wait!

The show will be archived (and I believe it will autoplay when you hit the site, so don't click till you're ready); but if you listen live you'll have the option of calling in. So don't be shy—this is burlesque, after all.

Thanks, Gracie!

Ultimate Burlesque, edited by Alyson Fixter and Emily Dubberley and published by Xcite Books, is part of Burlesque Against Breast Cancer. I'm very honored to be part of Emily and Alyson's charitable project, and to be appearing in the book alongside so many authors I admire.


kristina lloyd said...

Fuck, that's brilliant! Well done, J!

I reckon this book's going to be a bestseller. It's getting so much support. It really is wonderful.

Will you be wearing your hat when you're on air? I hope so.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hehe ... I'll be wearing the hat initially. ; )

You'll be calling in, yes? After all, it'll only cost you a night's sleep and a ££,£££ phone bill, right?

Neve Black said...

You must have quite a voice there, big boy (a little Mae West Burlesque).

I'm going to try and tune in this time. No double booking like I did the last time you were live.


EllaRegina said...

Be sure to say "Goodnight, Gracie," at the program's conclusion.

Waiting with baited breath for your naked voice. Will your body come along, too, or are you leaving it at home?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks in advance for listening, "Mae" and ER!!

My body is busy on Wednesday nights. (It has a part-time job as a busybody.)

EllaRegina said...

Well, as long as your busybody doesn't need to speak you'll do OK on both fronts.

Craig Sorensen said...

Well done, Jeremy!

If it were not a school night, I'd be there!

Emerald said...

Very, very cool, Jeremy -- congratulations, and I look forward to tuning in!


Nikki Magennis said...

Good luck tonight, Jeremy! Tape it for me? Do people still tape things?

Nikki Magennis said...

- I didn't mean that in a dirty way. Everything I say on here comes out like a double entendre. Look, even my spam word is 'rudom', which could well be a question.

Jeremy Edwards said...

: ) So I have to get out the measuring tape again? I thought someone was taking notes last time we did this. Okay, then ... but are you sure you're a university researcher?

But seriously ... I actually do still tape things sometimes. But this should be widgetable for my blog. I'll be delighted if you stop by and push my widget button!