Sunday, November 2, 2008

Batter batter batter batter ...

I'm swinging from the chandelier in a Swinging London in my mind! You see, I've learned that my tale of chess-playing swingers, "Check and Mate," will be included in Jolie du Pré's aptly named collection of swinging erotica.

And just look at some of the writers I get to play with on the swings: Neve Black, M. Christian, Emerald, Michael Hemmingson, Jolene Hui, D. L. King, Ashley Lister (author of the nonfiction books Swingers and Swingers: Female Confidential), Alicia Night Orchid, Donna George Storey, Sage Vivant ... wow, cue the swing music—I'm already "In the Mood"!

Watch the Swing! blog for complete table of contents and other swingin' updates.


Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy,

You have no idea how very honored I am to have had my story chosen- actually bound and tied together in swinging matrimony with all of you. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Neve! Swingratulations to you, too! You're everywhere these days, anthologywise--that's awesome!

Craig Sorensen said...

Awesome news Jeremy.

Swing on, my friend!

EllaRegina said...

Congratulations to Jeremy!

And Neve!

And Emerald!

And D.L. King!

And Ashley!

And Donna!

And all the other swingsters!!!

That's some swingin' cast of characters!

To get "In the Mood," try here:

or here:

Swing on, Maestro!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig and EllaRegina! I really appreciate your swinging by.

Emerald said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Jeremy! I am so excited to be in Swing!, and delighted that we'll be in it together!! Congratulations!