Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three on a Match

I was eighteen, and I kept falling in love with my buddies’ girlfriends. Bad habit, but I guess it was some sort of phase I was going through. They say that everyone needs a hobby.

Thus begins "Three on a Match"; and I'm proud as a solar flare to announce that this story of mine will be appearing in Alison Tyler's Playing with Fire. Alison's white-hot anthology of boundary-crossing erotica will be released in the spring, and it will include work by Janine Ashbless, Heidi Champa, Shanna Germain, Jolene Hui, Sommer Marsden, Kristina Wright ... and who else? I've been disorganized this week, so please raise hands/voices/tulips if I've missed you!


Kristina Wright said...

Goodness, Jeremy! I get behind in my blog reading and check in to find you are making appearances all over the place! When do you find time to sleep?

Congrats on the flurry of good writing news... I know 2009 is going to bring even more of the same! :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, KW! I was just over at your blog, thinking those same thoughts!

Kristina Wright said...

Oh, any time I start feeling cocky about myself and think I can slack off, I just check out your blog (or Sommer's, or Alison's, etc... ). :)

Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy,

I absolutely love the cover for this book. The beginning to your piece sounds scrumptiously delicious too.

Craig Sorensen said...

Love the start of your story, Jeremy.

Looks like an outstanding collection with a "bevy" (to quote the lovely Kristina) of great authors!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Neve and Craig!

Hey, wanna jump into my '61 bevy and drive over to KW's place?

Heidi Champa said...

So excited to be with you again, Jeremy. In book form of course. ;)

EllaRegina said...

Congratulations, Jeremy!

I can see your solar flare from here!

Your name in lights, once again!

And likewise congratulatory remarks to the other smokin' hot authors in this book. Bravi tutti!

Jeremy Edwards said...

The feeling is matchual—I mean, mutual, Heidi!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, ER!

I've always thought the sun looked very groovy in its solar flares and its op-art sunspots.

And its sunglasses, of course.