Friday, January 23, 2009

Born under the sign of Neve

My friend Neve Black is in the ascendant today, because her novel Sex through the Zodiac has just been released!

Neve's protagonist, an astrology buff named Roxanne, has come up with an astrology-aware (and, we can assume, buffness-aware) way of filling her sexual calendar for the coming (you heard me) year. Click here to read a free excerpt from this e-rotic, e-clectic, e-cliptic e-book!

Con-grat-stellations, Neve!


Neve Black said...

Thank you Jeremy!

You rock my planetary world!!

Donna said...

I cannot wait to read this! (After all, I still have a dog-eared copy of How to Make Love to Every Man in the Zodiac from college.) Congratulations, Neve. I hope you're going to pop open the champagne tonight.