Monday, January 19, 2009

Equality, freedom, dignity ... and a little erotica

I'm so proud to have a story in Alessia Brio's Coming Together: At Last, a two-volume anthology of erotica that celebrates sexual relationships between people of different races.

This latest collection of altruistic erotica benefits human-rights group Amnesty International, an organization that I think is of immeasurably great importance. The release of CTAL today is timed to coincide with the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day holiday in the U.S. It also coincides very nicely, as you will probably have noticed, with the week the first African American assumes the highest elected office here. : )

Each volume of CTAL is available in both print and e-book forms. My contribution, "Francine's Kid," is in volume 1, and it explores what fun a summer job in a department store can be:

Each time her face shifted in my direction, I’d quickly turn my head, as if reading the menu on the wall. I must have read the menu fifteen times that day. I noticed there was some kind of special hamburger listed, called a “patty melt.” Personally, I didn’t eat meat; but the words gave me food for thought, and I spent much of that lunch break thinking of ways to make Patty melt.

Between the two volumes, CTAL includes work by Andrea Dale, Jolie du Pre, Sacchi Green, Lisabet Sarai , Saskia Walker, Allison Wonderland, and many others!


Neve Black said...

How wonderful, Jeremy!

Sounds like a great line up of writers too. Congratulations!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Outstanding, Jeremy. A great lineup, a great cause, and great timing.

What more could you ask for?

Emerald said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! It seems like such a cool project!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Love the clip -- inspirational, just like you.

Congrats Jeremy!