Friday, January 30, 2009

Kirsten lights up the desert!

Strong, fast, indefatigable, ingenious Kirsten Monroe is near Ojai today with a wild, sensual, sensational feast that only she can describe! I swear, the woman must be bionic. See you in the Mojave!!!

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Note: I really wanted to show Jaime in her tracksuit, but the not-especially-bionic image above was the best I could find.


Kirsten Monroe said...

Jeremy, you're such a riot!

Damn, just look at that hair!

I hope you get your fill of meat in the Mojave -- and maybe some time up on the stage during the burlesque show. I heard that "Hell on Heels" wrote in a part for you. I think it involves tap shoes and that bubblegum cigar you've been wagging around.

Erobintica said...

wouldn't they have to change their name to "Hell in Socks" then?

spamword - tednex

*goes looking for Ted at hot springs*