Monday, February 2, 2009

How Green Was My Salad

Not as green as Emerald's—I haven't seen a bowl like hers since my salad days! So grab your extra-long pepper grinders and head over to the Green Light District for today's verdant course in the progressive dinner!


Kirsten Monroe said...


spamword: shall

Oh, yes I shall.

Emerald said...

Oh how delightful. Thanks Jeremy!! It is my pleasure to host you today. :)

My spamword is "dance"!! I think that's the coolest spamword I've ever had!

Jeremy Edwards said...

"Shall we dance?" said the spamwords.

Emerald said...


Now it's "mitiodip," which sounds like a pretty fancy move.

Erobintica said...

Jeremy - is that photo on the left from a Star Trek episode by any chance? Or is memory playing tricks on me?

spam word is "clesse"

which you folks certainly have!

Jeremy Edwards said...

You're quite a clessy dame yourself, Erobintica! (Or does one say "clessy deme"?)

Yes, that's from the original Star Trek. I've always liked the story about the lab repeatedly "fixing" the film by purging it of the mysterious green discoloration ... until finally the production staff said, "She's SUPPOSED to be green!" I guess Kermit was right: it's not easy being green—or at least it's not easy staying green.

Erobintica said...

Oh goodie! I was right. I was young, but I LOVED some of the sexier episodes. Some where quite racy for the time as I recall.

hmmmm, not sure anyone's ever called me a clessy dame before OR a clessy deme (turns green)