Monday, April 20, 2009

A foursome of days ...

... until the release of Swing! (The book comes out this Friday—I don't use Sommer's patented counting system, which alas can break one's computer.) And there will be a release party on Friday at (The party, of course, is open, haha.)

Meanwhile, the Swing! blog tour continues apace, and I'm heading over to Jolene Hui's place right now to make the scene!

And here's a Swing! book trailer, starring author/actress/model Tara Tainton! [NSFW on that link; and extended-close-up-of-lovely-bottom-in-skimpy-lingerie alert re. the trailer, Mr. DeMille.]


Confidant said...

A "foursome of days," an "orgy of weeks"!

Speaking of an orgy of weeks, our crowded calendar of "National Week of ..." appreciation occasions might trace back to Benjamin Franklin, who keep a weekly chart for his own practice of such things as silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, cleanliness, tranquility, humility, and chastity.

Speaking of chastity, did you hear the one I just made up about the chaste orgy? Everybody employed the Socratic method in the Platonic position.

Jeremy Edwards said...


All cats are gray.
All cats are in the dark.
Therefore Socrates is a cat in the dark.