Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Memo

Just some news and reminders ...

The news is that Rachel Kramer Bussel is giving away a copy of The Mile High Club to one lucky commenter on the Mile High Club blog! To enter, read her post, then write a comment telling her what celebrity you'd most like to have join you in the mile high club. Deadline is April 30. [Special note to those outside the U.S.: No location restrictions on this giveaway!]

Don't forget that the Swing! blog tour is in progress all month. Check the schedule here.

And this Wednesday night is my "Phone Sex" appearance at In the Flesh: L.A.! Details here.


Erobintica said...

phone sex - does that mean if someone dials your number they'll get the secretary of state??? hehehe

Jeremy Edwards said...

I think sex is under the jurisdiction of the department of "commerce."