Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sex, Seattle, Sorensen

Okay, first things first. "Where's the sex?" you ask. Well, one place you'll find sex is in a new piece of mine called "The Fabric," which is now live at Clean Sheets. (Hmm ... "piece ... fabric" brings to mind swatches—or lint.) This is the story that was recently featured in the literary showcase at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. So there's yer Seattle—in the very same paragraph with the sex!

But I think gifted eroticist Craig J. Sorensen deserves his own paragraph—especially because I don't want him to get all linty. Craig is in the new issue of Clean Sheets, too. And off I go to read his story!


Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you for the shout out, Jeremy! It's always a pleasure to be among talented friends.

I look forward to getting all linty in your fabric!

Donna said...

Wonderful stories, you two. My eyebrows got quite a workout ;-).

Erobintica said...

Yay Jeremy! & Craig! I'll write more tomorrow - it's past my bedtime.

Shanna Germain said...

Oh, yum, yum, yum, you two!

Great stories :)

PS -- My word is filim. -snerks-

EllaRegina said...

Of course you would have a story called "Fabric" on Cleansheets. ;-) What is the threadcount?

Congratulations to you both!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone!

I think the threadcount of the eyebrows is 1,000 filim-ents per inch.

Marina said...

Hi Jeremy - sorry I'm late - getting caught up on my reading.

Fabric was wonderful! I loved this: "He could almost feel her feeling the clinging kiss of nylon, experience with her the static grope that titillated her smoothness like mustache stubble might." Wow! You do stockings as well as you do panties!

EllaRegina said...

He really should start his own line.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Marina!

ER said:
He really should start his own line.**

Haha! Jeremerican Apparel?

EllaRegina said...


Emerald said...

Loved this story, Jeremy! Loved the little details of it. ;) I also loved "clinging kiss of nylon." Delightful!


(P.S. I commented on it at the Clean Sheets site and accidentally referenced the title incorrectly — I said "Fabric" rather than "The Fabric." My apologies!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, thank you, Emerald! And don't worry about the "the"! (I can't top your "that that that," but at least I can do the "the 'the'" thing.)