Friday, May 1, 2009

Slip into Scarlet!

The May issue of Scarlet is out; and this month's "Cliterature" supplement includes a Jeremy mini-story entitled "Slip through My Door"!

Music seems to have been in the air lately, and this new piece of mine is on that theme as well. I even got to invent a vintage 1930s song for this story (also, not-so-coincidentally, called "Slip through My Door").

I'm thrilled to be in Scarlet again. Thanks, Scarlet!

P.S. Reminder: The Seattle Erotic Art Festival begins today.


Donna said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! Somehow I feel like I should be singing these words :-).

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Donna!

Somehow I feel like I should be singing these words :-).**

Please! Having so enjoyed your luscious reading voice at every opportunity—and given your recent mention of choir adventures—I'm all ears (speaking of auditeurism)!

EllaRegina said...

Great news, Jeremy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, ER!

Craig Sorensen said...

Somehow I missed this post on Friday. You wouldn't brand me with a Scarlet T for Tardy, would you?

Better late than never! Congrats!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig! Don't worry—no clocks here in Socksandfedoraland.

Smut Girl said...

hey, there! I got the magic code right this time and got in. i wish i knew what it was, i'd punch it in every time.

congrats on scarlet and thanks for sharing your good news on my blog. we need more good news, yes?


Lucy Felthouse said...

Congratulations. Mine is currently sitting on my bedroom floor, unopened due to a busy weekend. I shall pick it up this evening and have a read of your no doubt steamy story!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Smut Girl! And welcome back welcome back welcome back! So sorry my blog has poor eyesight and evidently thinks you're a sexy robot instead of a sexy human.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Lucy! Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy my little piano composition.