Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moisture ... and Satisfaction

Sex & Satisfaction 2, the latest anthology compiled by sizzling-story specialist Miranda Forbes, is now poised for release! (Ahem.)

Among the twenty scenarios of sexy satisfaction are tales by Elizabeth Cage, Carmel Lockyer, Sommer Marsden, and Donna George Storey!

And my contribution, “Moistened by Mercer,” is currently featured at the Xcite Books website as a free download! Here's a snippet to moisten your appetite:

“Sure, Merce, let’s race.” She giggled again. “What does the victor get?”

“Well—haha—are sexual favors off limits?” This was more my style than an unanticipated hoisting of a friend onto the top of a photocopier: easing into it, within the context of some lighthearted kidding around.

“You’re a dirty old man, Mercer.”

“Check,” I said. “Isn’t everyone?”

“No,” she reasoned crisply. “I, for example, am not a man.”

Looking over her scrumptious anatomy, I acknowledged to myself that she had an excellent point. “And not dirty?” I asked—teasing, because I was pretty damn sure she was even dirtier
than I was.

“I didn’t say that.”

Thanks, Xcite!


Donna said...

Wet, dirty and free? Who can resist a story like that? It's an honor and a (dirty) pleasure to be in your company, J!

Spam word: trifistr

(now that sounds dirty!)

EllaRegina said...

Another feather in your overflowin' cap! Congratulations! And to Miss Donna, too! Yay!

Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats Jeremy and Donna!

Emerald said...

Congrats, congrats!

(And that sure looks like an Erotica Cover Watch-approved cover!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, folks!

Heheh—Donna, looking at the order of the stories in the t.o.c., I'd say we're not just in each other's company ... we're associating very closely.

kristina lloyd said...

Yay, congrats!

And yes, Emerald, over on ECW we thoroughly approve. In fact, we're building up to a kick-ass relaunch in July and one of the pieces we'll be running is an interview with Xcite editor, Miranda Forbes, where she talks about this very cover. (Well, we had to ask, didn't we?)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, KL! I'm looking forward to that interview.