Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clea’s body seemed to be more fluid than the water itself.

Hey, UK! I'm in the new (August) issue of Scarlet, with an erotic lesbian love story called "In Her Element." The setting is a swimming pool.

It was as if she were being fucked—and made love to—not only by her woman, but also by the water—her woman’s element, the substance at Clea’s command.

Thanks, Scarlet!

More info! Thanks to the wonderful Janine, I've learned that Emily Dubberley, Charlotte Stein, and Janine "Saw It First" Ashbless herself are also in this issue! And JA points out that the mag can be purchased as a download, as an alternative to print.


Danielle said... seem to become a regular in scarlet..:-))) congrats:-))))

neve black said...

Wow, Jeremy, that's fantastic!


Perhaps a trip to the UK is necessary?

Danielle said...

especially congrats to be in an issue with the hot alesha on the cover..sigh*

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Danielle and Neve!

Perhaps a trip to the UK is necessary?

I'll see if Alesha can arrange it. (Danielle, you have her phone number, right?)

Danielle said...

lol..i wish!!!!
she is so hot and i m happy she finally brought her solo album to was about time!!:-)

Janine Ashbless said...

I saw it first!

Jeremy Edwards said...

It's true! Janine did see it first.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Huh. Blogger really, really wants the phrase "as an alternative to print" to be larger than the preceding text. Whatevs, Bloggie.

Donna said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! I'm sure a book tour to the UK would be a very gratifying experience--you could meet all your fans :-).

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Donna!

Trip to the UK? Works for me! You'll join us, of course? Let's charter a plane!