Friday, November 6, 2009

Join me in the museum!

I'm in literary drag again today, adopting a first-person-female narrative voice in a piece called "Reflections from the Art Museum." : ) You'll find it at Clean Sheets, where the current issue also includes a story by the gifted Alicia Night Orchid.

Here's the teaser for "Reflections":
I soon discovered the thrill of being one layer closer to nakedness among the artworks. I felt I could see the colors and definition better, as if the panties had acted like a semi-opaque blindfold all those years.
Admission to this museum is free. Thanks, Clean Sheets!


Danielle said...

ah jeremy..finally more socks off rocking words by you..:-)

will hop over and check your story..but i have no doubt that it will be good..:-)

Emerald said...

That was lovely and beautiful, Jeremy. I especially loved this line —

"Her burning-eyed integrity reminded me that sex was the birthright of every creature complex enough to have genitals . . . ."


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for reading (and rocking), Danielle!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Emerald!

Did you take a picture of my protagonist, while you were in the gallery? Oh, wait—I guess that would be "flash photography," which probably isn't allowed. ; )

neve black said...

You rocked my socks right off, because I'm nearly bare foot and flip-flopping over to read this now.

Congratulations! :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Neveriffic!

And I love it when you say "flip-flop."