Friday, December 11, 2009

Delayed gratification came early this year!!

Pssst! This isn't official yet, but looky here. And here. And here. And here and here and here and here. (Or, if you like your lookies in list format, here.)

[Insert manic giggling on the part of author.]



[More giggling, alternating with impromptu Charleston dance steps.]

: )


Jeremy Edwards said...

And! And! Just when I'd posted this, Helia walked in ... after checking the mail.



Books, I tell you!!

: ) : )

Emerald said...

How exciting, Jeremy!! I'm all giggly for you!!

Heidi Champa said...

Jeremy, that is such amazingly good news. Congrats!! Just make sure while rolling around in your author copies, you don't get too many paper cuts!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for gettin' giggly wit it, Emerald!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Heidi! And no worries: I'm using plenty of lube.

Danielle said...

i m all giggly and exited with you...happy book-ing:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Danielle! Big giggles back your way from us!

Justine Elyot said...

Ooh, Jeremy, excitement! Lol at the delayed gratification deciding it couldn't wait after all.

Craig Sorensen said...

That's awesome, Jeremy.

Though I'm not noted for my giggling, I think I can manage one for this particular event.

Books, even!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Lol at the delayed gratification deciding it couldn't wait after all.

: ) That's my kind of delayed gratification, all right—the kind you don't have to wait for.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig! I must say that you giggle remarkably well, for a novice. You must be a natural!

EllaRegina said...

I can hear your giggling from here!

Great news!

Looking forward to getting my socks rocked off!

Sophia Valenti said...

How exciting! Congratulations, Jeremy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, ER and Sophia!

I can hear your giggling from here!

: ) Let me know when you need to go to sleep, and I'll push the "mute" button.