Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Health Club

I hear Alison Tyler's on a fitness kick. And her enthusiasm for push-ups made me think of a passage in Rock My Socks Off, in which my characters hit the mattress for a little exercise of their own. Let's tone up our muscles and join them ...
She waited until he had properly situated himself, then she squatted over his face so that her pussy was a few inches above his mouth. ‘We’re going to do lick-ups.’


‘They’re sort of like sit-ups. You use your muscles to raise yourself up till your tongue can reach … me. You keep your head in its raised position for – God, as long as you possibly can, please – then you let it drop back onto the bed. Rest and repeat.’

‘I see!’ said Jacob.

‘Trust me, it will be great … uh, exercise.’

That it was. Jacob’s abs got a workout each time he strained to reach her. And the tender, exquisite reaction to every touch of his tongue was a more than adequate reward for his efforts. And he was beautifully motivated to repeat the effort time and again. It seemed as if Normandie might even come before he reached his lick-up limit.

The sound of the door opening startled them. Jacob was sure he had taken care to leave the FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT FUCKING DISTURB THIS PERPETUALLY HORNY COUPLE sign on the knob.

‘Oh, sorry guys,’ said Kate. ‘Say, are you doing lick-ups?’

Jacob sat up for real as Normandie reluctantly shimmied off his face. ‘Why does everyone know about lick-ups but me?’ he asked. ‘I was just getting the hang of it, too.’

‘I can see that,’ said Kate. ‘And, if I may say so, well hung.’


neve black said...

Ooooh, lick-ups sound positively delicious to me.

Great excerpt, Jeremy.

You must be sooo excited!! Yah!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Neve!

Hey, maybe we could all collaborate on opening an erotic gym. I know: we'll call it AerobX!

You must be sooo excited!!

I am, I am!!

Emerald said...


Delightful excerpt! It makes me look forward to reading Rock My Socks Off even more! :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Emerald! And I think you're right about the Xtra Xs!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Breaking news: Alison is cornering the market on gym rats!