Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My flash piece "Ritual" is up at The Erotic Woman! (And now I'm thinking about -ual words. Sensual. Casual. Unusual. Fun!)

Thanks, Erotic Woman!


Smut Girl said...

What do you mean that is not right? (o_O)
Congrats on your lovely book, too!


neve black said...

Fabulual. No really, this is greatual! Yah. :-))

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hahaha! Thankuals! Uh ... heheh ... I mean thank you(se)!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Sorry I was not more punctual with my contgratuals!

Of all things, my verification word is modul.

In the words of Maxwell Smart, "missed it by that much."

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha, thanks, Max! Oops, I mean Craig. (Sorry about that, Chief.)

Danielle said...

awsomual? yes!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Daniellectual!