Friday, January 15, 2010


I thought I'd do a quick survey today of some of the many cool things going on in eroticaland.

First, one piece of Jeremy-related news: Rock My Socks Off is now also being offered as an e-book. And if you buy two e-books from Xcite, you get a third for free!

And now, dig all this (in no particular order):

Janine Ashbless, Olivia Knight, Kristina Lloyd, and Mathilde Madden will be reading at the World Horror Convention in Brighton!

Alison Tyler is keeping the contests coming as fast as the e-books, and the e-books as fast as the contests!

Speaking of e-books, Charlotte Stein has done it again!

Craig J. Sorensen is ready to send his erotic novel out to publishers!

And P.S. Haven, who has a novel in the publisher pipeline, has made a not-to-be-missed trailer!

D. L. King recently gave "good interview" to the waggish Dr. Dick [site NSFW]—twice!

And Sommer Marsden is a "Strawberry," which of course means she's juicy!

My "same-initials" buddy Justine Elyot just arrived in my mailbox, with On Demand!

And Rachel Kramer Bussel is hosting Sex and Food Night at In the Flesh next Thursday!

Shanna Germain is teaching a full-featured online erotica-writing class!

And Saskia Walker is getting ready to run Rampant!

The wit and wisdom continue to roll out seven days a week at Oh! Get a Grip!

Lucy Felthouse is taking your "girls & cars" erotica submissions!

Coming Together is offering all sorts of submissions opportunities!

And M. Christian wants you!


Gina Marie said...

Oh my.....oh my oh my!! Thanks Jeremy!

Lucy Felthouse said...

Thanks for this post Jeremy! Can't believe I'd never heard of 'Coming Together' before - I definitely want to be involved!

P.S. Just started reading your book ;) xx

P.S. Haven said...

Thanks for the link, J-Dawg!
(Man, I've been watching too much 'Murican Idle...)

Craig Sorensen said...

Thank you for the mention, Jeremy!

You rock!

Justine Elyot said...

Your mailbox is a very nice place to be, JE - I really hope you enjoy the book :).