Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More from Xcite!

My new novel is thrilled to be sharing a release week with Xcite's Sex, Love & Valentines anthology! I'm in this collection with awesome authors such as—woohoo!—Janine Ashbless, Elizabeth Cage, Justine Elyot, Lucy Felthouse, Shanna Germain, Charlotte Stein, and Sophia Valenti! (Did I say, "Woohoo!"?)

Here's an excerpt from my story, "Beer Bottle":
Regardless of the reason for its condition, this not-quite-empty bottle symbolized one thing to me—unfinished business. To my mind, it was inextricably related to the opening she’d left me when she had departed: “I’ll be up for a while, if you want to call me.” Though she had not been the last to leave, the few remaining partyers had soon said their goodnights. Even after my perfunctory cleanup, I judged that only about fifteen minutes had elapsed since I’d hugged her goodbye.

I swigged the barely significant remnants of Eveline’s beer. In reality it tasted only like flat beer, but I fantasized that it tasted like her. I closed my eyes and imagined smelling it on her breath, as she leaned in close for a kiss. I contemplated how the beer would taste on her tongue ... and then I contemplated how her tongue would feel on my cock. I wanted another sip from this bottle—but it was bone-dry now.

And, hey, look at this! I'm also on a new Xcite audio CD, with my story "Impressionism." (N.B. I'm not the voice who reads it, only the voice who wrote it.)

Thanks for everything, Xcite!

Edit: Haha, correction made: Sex, Love & Valentines, Jeremy, not "Valentine's." I swear, I know how to use (or not use) an apostrophe correctly! (I was thinking Valentine's Day, I guess.)


Kat said...

Hey, it's quiet around here after Monday's big bash. Must have been a good one!

Congratulations, Sir, on your triple release (oooh, that does sound multi-orgasmic)this week. As a newbie, I'm honoured to find myself sandwiched between yourself and Justine Elyot in the new Sex, Love & Valentines anthology. Before we get too cosy though,I think those socks of yours might need a wash after all the hard partying they've been through.

Congratulations again.
Kat Black

Jeremy Edwards said...

Welcome, Kat! Yes, I'm just puttering around, tidying up ... trying to match "lost and found" articles with the representatives of the fantasy professions who left them here. (I've been on the phone half the day with the university. "Hi, it's Jeremy again. Yes, another pair of glasses ...")

Anyway, I'm so pleased to meet you, and I look forward to reading you in the sandwich—er, I mean book.

I love your sense of humo(u)r. Clearly you fit in well with this crowd!

And, yes, the socks are in the wash. They're having quite a time in there, actually, with a few intimate articles from the "lost and found" pile. ; )

Jeremy Edwards said...

P.S. Thanks for the congratulations, and congrats to you as well! (I meant to say that somewhere in the previous comment; but as you can see, the comment sort of got away from me.)