Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Rock" Out (with Your Socks Out)!

Hi! It's now officially January 11 in the UK and points east ... meaning that it's now officially my new erotic novel's official release day! Officially!

‘Ladies and rocking horses ... I’ve been asked to say a few words. Unfortunately, I don’t have a few words, because I used them all up writing an article about this museum.’

That's one of my protagonists speaking, after he's had a few in chapter 17. Hmm ... maybe I'd better reclaim the mic.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a novel that is very me. I don't mean that simply in the sense that its content is entirely authored by me (as opposed to an anthology). What I mean is that I wrote the book I really wanted to write, and I wrote it by drawing on my own peculiar—heheh, I mean particular—literary sensibilities.

As those of you who have been down this road know, it's kind of scary putting yourself out there like that ... but I feel good about it. It felt right to me when I put the ready-to-submit kiss on the manuscript, and it feels right to me holding the book in my shaky hands.

It's a quirky book, and I think that's as it should be. I wrote a book that no one else would have written. That's one of the things I value the most about being a writer, and also about the writing of others—of all you fellow writers: the individual approach.

So what kind of book did I write, with my individual approach? I wrote a madcap erotic romp, a story of a waggish man and woman (and friends) bantering and shagging their way through a lighthearted, whimsical plot. I wrote a novel in which sensuality and repartee, eros and comedy, go hand in hand. I wrote a book in which the protagonists get in a lot of not-very-serious trouble and have a lot of verbal, physical, and emotional fun.

It's a novel, so the plot had to be "big." This of course meant the structure and pacing had to be different from those found in my short stories. I think the tone is even somewhat different from that of any of my short pieces—because this element is probably, to some extent, dependent on the other elements. It feels nice to reflect that this work is not just a larger animal than the others I've created, but also to some extent a different animal. [Insert animal noises, to taste.]

I'm a guy for whom funny and sexy is a potent combination. Some of my favorite old movies are zany comedies that plunge the protagonists into comical situations that sizzle with their sexual chemistry and simmer with their lust. Frequently, the pair spend most of the film in some kind of antagonistic relationship—that's the "screwball comedy" template, and it's a damn fine one. But it doesn't always have to play out that way.

I wanted my protagonists to operate as a team from the start. This meant that the plot motivations, suspense, etc., had to come largely from outside the relationship. And, given my inclinations, this meant relying on the farcical complications of frivolous intrigue and the interpersonal twists and friction provided by supporting characters. I had such a good time!

And I had such a good time leading them through the scenes we don't see in old movies: the scenes where they fuck. And fuck. And fuck.

Because, after all, this is erotica first and foremost, whatever else it may be. And I'm proud to say that.


Rock My Socks Off features representatives of what I personally find to be some sexy professions: scientists; academics; writers (yay!); visual artists. Also museum people—though the museum person in this book is actually not a sexy specimen, in my view. (That's by design; but if any among you find this character sexy, you go!) Some professions that got left out, but which are also on my "sexy" list, are librarians, theater people, and bar/restaurant staff.

Of course, individuals aren't defined by their careers, and people can be sexy, to themselves and to others, in any walk of life—and I sincerely hope they are. But speaking for myself, there are undeniably certain professions that spark my erotic imagination—that prompt me to envision alluring, fascinating, enchanting, sexually electric people. (And, as you can see from the list above, one of the elements that strongly contributes to that for me is intellectual/artistic passion.)

So ... I'm wondering what professions are sexy to you, and why—and, if you write, where and how you've used them in your work. Tell me all about it in the comments, and a randomly selected commenter will receive a free copy of—did you guess it?—Rock My Socks Off!

Oh, before we get to the best part—i.e., you—let me just review the RMSO "basics." (It wouldn't be much of a book-release party without the basics, would it?)

[Hmm ... should I try out Blogger's bulleted-list tool? Nah—that's sure to be asking for trouble.]

> Rock My Socks Off is now available from the publisher, wonderful Xcite Books. Xcite is based in the UK but will ship anywhere in the world.

> Many online and brick-and-mortar UK booksellers are stocking RMSO, and the book is also offered by online retailers in a number of other countries. An extensive list of places to buy can be found at my website.

> The official North American release of RMSO will occur later this year. Stay tuned!

> Speaking of "tuned": Have you checked out my "Rock My Socks Off" ditty? (Look for the AudioPal widget on the sidebar here, directly beneath the RMSO cover.)

> The official description of the book? Glad you asked:

Writer Jacob Hastings is uninspired by his latest assignment: a museum full of hideous rocking horses. But his socks are rocked by Normandie Stephens, a mischievous astronomer who can match his dry wit, quip for quip, and his sexual appetite, frolic for frolic, with energy to spare.

Thanks to Jacob’s public relations and the machinations of a feisty and frisky mentor named Kate, an impasse in Normandie’s career promises to blossom into either glory or disaster—with enigmatic photographer Susan and obtuse clubber Brandon along for the wild rocking-horse ride. Between farcical talk show appearances, sensuous threesomes, horny little quickies, sex-drenched romantic getaways, and close calls with utter embarrassment, the pace never lets up in this smart erotic romp.

> I'll be hitting the virtual road soon with a couple of excerpts/guest blogs! Watch this space for details of my upcoming appearances at Roxanne's Realm (this Thursday!) and M. Christian's Frequently Felt.

Thanks for joining me today to celebrate!

[Real-time note: I'm uploading this right before going to sleep, so my friends in the UK and points east can wake up to a breakfast party. I'll rejoin the party in the U.S.A. A.M.! : )]


Kristina Wright said...

Well, I'm not in the UK (how I wish I was), but I am up late! ;-) Happy release day!!

I grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and wishing I could be Nancy in a Hardy Boy sandwich, so I still find detective characters (or any sort of investigator or law enforcement type) to be sexy. Mmm... all that "undercover" work. Heh. (Plus, handcuffs and uniforms and alpha males... )

I do find academics to be sexy, but that comes from my geeky love of education and having worked in a library for nearly 5 years. (I think I've written more stories set in libraries than in other locale.)

Any profession can be sexy if it's in the hands of the right author. Okay, *most* professions. ;-)

Congratulations again!! Balloons and confetti and champagne to you!

Isabel Kerr said...

Oh Nicky! You forgot musicians! You're always forgetting something dear. Nora says with an exasperated sigh.

HUGE congratulations too from this side of the pond!

Emerald said...

Great party, Jeremy, and congratulations again!

Kristina said,
"(Plus, handcuffs and uniforms and alpha males... )"

I'm with Kristina there. I used to want to be a cop and spent a fair amount of time with many when I was in a law enforcement cadet-like program. I myself have tended to feel partial to the street-cop-in-full-uniform look. :)

I also find the firefighter profession sexy, in part because of the perceived selfless aspect in relation to the danger faced in that job, and also because firefighters just look so sexy to me in their full gear. I find it interesting to imagine what they look like underneath all that covering....

I also find the professor profession sexy in certain areas — generally areas I find particularly interesting, such as philosophy and psychology. Since intellectual stimulation has historically been one of my biggest turn-ons, one whose profession is devoted to such in areas like the above has been known to catch my attention. ;)

Of course, as cliche as this may seem, probably my top two sexy professions that first come to mind are singer/songwriter (generally of the rock genre — not necessarily rocking the socks off, but of course that's cool too!) and professional baseball players. I find baseball simply sexy, and as far as the musical aspect, it's actually the songwriter part that has typically caught my attention more so than the generic "rock star" figure.

In pondering this, I also noticed that in addition to particular professions, it seems to me I have been known to find attractive exemplary skill, dedication, and/or passion about whatever profession a man (as I have only found myself sexually attracted to males) is in. So that regardless of what the job is (for the most part!), I find that kind of attention, competence, and ability attractive...if that makes sense.

Though I am in the US of A — same time zone as you, even — I will probably head to bed here soon and thus not be rejoining the party for several hours. It has been a pleasure thus far however, and I look forward to seeing you and your guests later in the day!

Congratulations again on the official release of Rock My Socks Off!!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Huge congrats on reaching all those writerly goals, Jeremy: Conceptualizing, Writing, Editing, Publishing and now promoting...

Well done!

It's wonderful to see your dream realized, and I enjoyed the peek into your inspiration and process.

I have to agree with Kristina that most any profession can be sexy. I see recurring themes of artists, writers, musicians, cooks and business people in my own works, but I suppose this is more a byproduct of my experience and the things I relate to.

It's all about the people and their passions, and I must say if there is any one common theme, I like protags who are passionate about what they do.

It's all part of a package.

Well, I have a few things to get to before I go to my nine to five job, but I will be popping around sometime later in the day to check in and have a bit of champagne.

kristina lloyd said...

Hey, am I the first Brit? Am I unfashionably early?

Congrats on the official release, Jeremy! I think January is a great month for the publication of RMSO - a book to warm us up and cheer us up when it's all a bit gloomy and cold.

I'm with you all on academics (does that sound like an orgy?) Intelligence, a hunger to explore, focus, self-discipline ... all highly transferable skills. Ahem. At the less cerebral end, firefighters make me happy too but my big lust is for tree surgeons - muscle, bravery, chainsaws, knives and rope! Oh my.

A few years ago I was writing a tree surgeon character and by coincidence, a tree-cutting team started work in my street. So one day I invited 7 of them in for a cup of tea. 7 of them, all with big boots, big arms and excellent knot-tying skills! And I asked them questions and one of them showed my how to tie a Prussic knot. And I was very, very happy.

I realise that anecdote sounded like the beginning of a porno but there was no tree-surgeon bondage gang bang (except in my head).

Catch you later. Off to find the canapes. Chin chin!

Janine Ashbless said...

Ha ha! I've been a student tree surgeon! It's jolly sweaty. And you wouldn't believe how nicely the harness rubs certain places when you're walking around...


Anyway, my professional kinks are not unlike yours Jeremy - intellectual types. God, I go for brains. But archaeologists have got to be top: brains plus scruff plus the outdoors plus the Mysteries of the Past.

Janine Ashbless said...

Damn - I forgot to say Congratulation (again) Jeremy - I was so busy thinking about sexy archaeologists in their dirty jeans. Argh. You know I mean it.

Maybe I will get my post (and RMSO) this week, now it's thawing a bit...

Nikki Magennis said...

rock stars, architects and marine biologists. in fact, any kind of ologist ...

have a fantastic release day dear jeremy! xxxx

Sophia Valenti said...

Congratulations, Jeremy!

I have a particular fondness for firefighters, though I have never written about them.

For me, though, it's more about who a character is and how he or she acts that is sexy. That's usually what I tend to focus on.

Helia Brookes said...

Congratulations and lifted champagne glass (ok, it's 7am, let's make it a mimosa) to you, Jeremy my dear! I never cease to be amazed at your ability to self-actualize. You decided to write a comic erotic novel, and lo just a few years later, here we are!

Sexy professions--great topic. Yes, academics, especially the natural sciences (that lovely combination of brains and hands-on); people who fix things for similar reasons; I'm with Emerald on the rock stars, particularly if they have skinny legs in those yummy drainpipe jeans. Not too many sporty people are sexy to me, but fencers are an exception.

Hurray hurray hurray!

neve black said...

Whooooohoooo! Officially, official party guest is here from Cleveland wearing her flip-flops and wishing you a happy, rock'n release day!

Congratulations Jeremy!

I concur that all professions are sexy in some way, and I tend to be mostly attractive to brains over beef-cake, but lately I'm a sucker for a man that can make a really, really good dirty martini.

Have a wonderful naked toes day, Jeremy!

Smut Girl said...

Yay for you, let's get that out of the way first! I cannot wait to read this book. Even more so now that I've read the basics over coffee.

Sexy professions? Hmm, I think I have a lot of them and they are very diverse. I have a true weakness for burly men who do manly things for a living. But flip it around and the quiet sort of nerdy uber brainiac with a sense of humor can do me in just as quickly. It's a toss up.

I am intrigued by folks who have to be strong in their job. The kind of job where one cannot fall apart, have a temper tantrum, say screw it and walk off. Cops, Firefigthers, EMT's, I guess, in a nutshell, people who keep us safe and undead.

As in alive, not zombified.

Oh and writers, of course, I find writers uber sexy. Regardless of shape, size, genre etc. I guess that's because I understand it.

I will be back. Motherly paperwork and a fat wiener dog await. I'll check in soonish. And if you go to my blog you will see I wore my festive Kristina Wright socks for you today!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Good morning/afternoon! What an awesome feeling it is to wake up and find one's place full of favorite people! Your enthusiasm and congrats are making this Release Day feel like such a tangibly special day indeed. And I'm loving what you all have to say about your "pet professions"!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Nora, dahling, you're right, as always! I did forget musicians when I wrote my post.

But I did not forget them when I wrote my book:

‘I’ve always thought it would be very sexy to be played like an instrument. I mean, *really* like an instrument. For example, let’s say I’m on stage at the Symphony, on a bed – centre stage, of course ...’ [chap. 28]

Jeremy Edwards said...

By the way, one of my final thoughts before falling asleep last night was "Oh, I forgot musicians."

Jeremy Edwards said...

Emerald, I'm glad you mentioned competence. I was thinking about how that's part of my thing for bar and restaurant staff. I really respond to the combination of seductive restaurant/lounge atmosphere, the sensuality of food, the (literally) intoxicating effect of drinks, and the awe-inspiring competence of the people who orchestrate it all in real time, navigating the unexpected and often seasoning things with charm.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I was so busy thinking about sexy archaeologists in their dirty jeans. [Janine]


in fact, any kind of ologist ... [Nikki]


The kind of job where one cannot fall apart, have a temper tantrum, say screw it and walk off. [Sommer]

: ) "What do you mean 'temper tantrum' isn't in my job description?"

Alison Tyler said...

I realise that anecdote sounded like the beginning of a porno but there was no tree-surgeon bondage gang bang (except in my head).

Oh, god, KL. I had something clever to say, but now my whole morning will be consumed by this vision.

Congratulations, JE!
You rock my socks off every time!


Jeremy Edwards said...

KW, I bet you love playing Clue (with Professor Plum ... in the library ...)!

Jeremy Edwards said...

ok, it's 7am, let's make it a mimosa [Helia]

Mymosa is yourmosa, sweetheart!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I had something clever to say, but now my whole morning will be consumed by this vision. [Alison]

Yeah, KL will do that to ya! I still haven't gotten over the exploding sweet peas.

Confidant said...

J., your novel proves what I've long suspected—you're a diamond cutter. You cast my world in a trillion prismatic tints. RMSO is as triumphant as Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra rolling into Rome on a 28-foot-tall golden sphinx pulled by a cast of thousands.

Oh, what you said here in the comments about why restaurant staff is so seductive is spot on!

My word verification is "subblym." Have you picked up on my subblym-inal messages that I adore your work?

Charlotte Stein aka The Mighty Viper said...

Congratulations, Jezzer! *raises glass*

Of course I don't need my name in the hat- I already have a copy of RMSO, and have read it- but I wanted to stop by anyway, and join in the fun.

Personally, I seem to find offices sexy, and office workers. Boring, I know, and yet I can't seem to stop writing about them! Especially when the offices are populated by arrogant young hotshots, who need...uh...micro-managing.

But anyhoo, I did some proper speechifying about your wonderful book and other things, here:

As a sort of book release present thing. Hope you like it.

Charlotte xx

Janine Ashbless said...

I got it! I got the book! (My postie gave me a special permission slip to go pick up my 8 parcels, bless him.) And I get a mention in the acknowledgements - thank you Jeremy! You just rocked my socks off, certainly.

Jo said...

Hum, er, writers? And musicians. And gardeners. One in particular, with his arms and shoulders of delight. Sigh.

Congrats, Jeremy, especially on writing and publishing a book that is YOU, as you wanted it. Nice work!

Jo x

Heidi Champa said...

Congrats Jeremy. I hope you have a wonderful book release day!

As for what professions I find sexy . . . let me think.

I do find scientists or really nerdy types painfully attractive. Something about the fumbling, the awkwardness, the furitive looks through smudged glasses. Oh yeah, that is the stuff!!

But, I also think that there is an undeniable sexiness to men who work with their hands. Outdoorsy types also slay me.

So, go figure.

Amy S. said...

Congrats on the new release! Construction workers, firefighters, policemen, private investigator, navy, army, marines, actors and doctors.

Erobintica said...

First off, CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy! This sounds like so much fun - I may splurge and not bother waiting for a stateside release. Any release is good, no? ;-)

I am late to the party (any mimosas left?) since we woke up this morning to no heat or hot water and 0 degrees (as in ZERO degrees out). But it's been fixed and hopefully we'll start warming up soon (the guy said it would take awhile for the water in the system to heat up).

Some of the comments certainly are helping me warm up:Kristina W's "Nancy in a Hardy Boy sandwich" definitely got me going. As did Kristina L's "tree-surgeon bondage gang bang." Maybe it's because I'm cold that the vision of being surrounded by warm..... umm, okay, back to the question that Jeremy asked, LOL.

As for what professions I find sexy...hmmmmm.
I wouldn't say it was the profession as much as the passion for said profession (or even hobby). Though I must admit a certain leaning towards creative types (musicians, writers, artists, etc.), I also find those that do physical work (especially outdoors) to be sexy (rather than a desk jockey). And yeah, intellectual types are sexy too (in that subtle way).

Well, I need to go stoke the woodstove (which is unfortunately in my husband's basement office and he's not here today) - I will pop back later.

Again, congrats Jeremy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I enjoyed the peek into your inspiration and process.

Thanks, Craig. This was probably the longest blog post I've ever written, but I wanted to "go deep" in terms of reflecting on how my personality expressed itself in this project. Thank you for not dozing off! : )

Jeremy Edwards said...

I have a particular fondness for firefighters, though I have never written about them. [Sophia]

You don't want to share 'em, eh? ; )

Jeremy Edwards said...

A few years ago I was writing a tree surgeon character and by coincidence, a tree-cutting team started work in my street. Kristina L.

And you kept them all to yourself, too, I notice!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Neve, thank you for wearing your trademark flip-flops! I know you had to trudge here in your snow boots, so I really appreciate your bringing the fl-fl's along in your magic flip-flop bag.

Jeremy Edwards said...

RMSO is as triumphant as Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra rolling into Rome on a 28-foot-tall golden sphinx pulled by a cast of thousands.

Wow, Confidant—your awesome compliments could win a Pushcart or a Pulitzer (your choice)! Thank you!

P.S. Don't worry about "spoilers" here, folks—the golden sphinx is only a minor plot point.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Mighty Charlotte, your present is absolutely wonderful! (I'll have more to say about that 'round your place!)

In fact, I'll have more to say in general about all the amazing support you've all been giving to my book-release buzz and festivities, both here and on your own blogs. And about just how incredibly sweet and smart and fun you all are. (All this will be the subject of tomorrow's post!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

P.S. Yes, sexy office people! (Right, Alison?)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Jo, I've never given much thought to gardeners ... but now I am. In my case, the vision is of a strong but elegant, dexterous and flexible woman in practical clothes and an over-the-top (as it were) hat. Thanks for prompting this!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Janine, I love that you got a "special permission slip"!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I do find scientists or really nerdy types painfully attractive. Something about the fumbling, the awkwardness, the furitive looks through smudged glasses. [Heidi]

Don't you just love the chemistry (so to speak) between Thomas Dolby and that lab-coat woman in "She Blinded Me with Science"! Da-da-DAAAAAAAAA-da!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Great list, Amy! Sounds like you've got your hands full. ; )

Jeremy Edwards said...

Though I must admit a certain leaning towards creative types [Robin]

And I bet they enjoy it when you lean on them! ; )

Jo said...

Oh, Jeremy, you need to read Shanna's Silver Bells and CockleShells. Lady gardener ahoy!

Jordan LaRousse said...

Happy Release Day to one of the most talented writers I know. You deserve this and I am so very proud of you! Can't wait to read!


Jordan LaRousse said...

Oh and since the love of my life works as a paper pusher, I have to say one's profession isn't my first criteria for making my sexy list. For me it's the light in his eyes and the smile on his face and the delicious kisses he delivers.

If I had to pick a profession to drool over...hmm...firemen, duh!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh and since the love of my life works as a paper pusher, I have to say one's profession isn't my first criteria for making my sexy list. For me it's the light in his eyes and the smile on his face and the delicious kisses he delivers. [Jordan]

Well said, O Oysters!

But you have to admit that "paper pusher" sounds nice and bawdy. : )

Shanna Germain said...

-slides in fashionably late, and she DOES mean fashionably, since she's wearing nothing but her bobby socks and her special permission slip-

Hurray, hurray--

Wait, why am I the only one who's dressed appropriately here?

Well, no matter, I have champagne and cake (it is NOT a lie, for all you geeks out there) and I'm ready to rock this sock-hop!

Congrats, Jeremy, on your fantastic, orgasmic, slightly spastic, comedy-tastic first book!

Love, s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

wearing nothing but her bobby socks and her special permission slip

Ha! I knew I liked the sound of that.

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Wonders how we go about obtaining permission.]

Danielle said...

ahhh..i m late i know

still..big and warm heartet congrats for the officially socks off rocking release of your book...:-)

Shanna Germain said...

Well, you write a really funny intelligent book and give me a free copy...


P.S. Haven said...

J!!! First and foremost, massive congrats on realizing this dream, man. Bravo. Well done. Big ups. Proud of you, hoss. Cannot wait to read this! It sounds amazing. You've got such a singular sense of humor and mastery of wordplay, I know I'm going to enjoy the living hell out it.
Sorry I'm late, by the way. I've been busy toiling away at the sexiest professional of them all: restaurant designer.
Okay, okay, so drawing blueprints isn't exactly "rock star"...
Seriously, sexy professions for females: waitress at a BBQ joint. Must be in very tight jeans and have thick Southern drawl. No experience required, will train. "Y'all need s'more swate tay?" Bestill my heart.
Also, librarian (yes, I know it's cliched, but how freakin' hot is it when the formerly demure and mousy chick takes off the glasses and lets down her hair and ka-pow?)
Congrats again, J! Kick ass!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Welcome, Danielle! Not late at all. I haven't even had my second lunch yet! (Lunch A, ~ 11:00 a.m. EST; Lunch B, ~ 2:00 p.m. EST; Afternoon Snack ...)

Jeremy Edwards said...

fantastic, orgasmic, slightly spastic, comedy-tastic

Not only am I blushing, Shanna ... I'm hearing that in my head as set to music!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Okay, okay, so drawing blueprints isn't exactly "rock star"...

You can't fool us with your Clark Kent act, Haven the Great! We've seen your "blueprints," and they look pretty damn sexy from here!

Madeline Moore said...

Oh Jeremy I wish I could stay and party down with all you folks, but Felix and I are sick. Actually, we believe Felix had H1N1, that's how sick he was. Me, maybe I'm sick of being the caregiver. No, in truth, I'm quite sick as well. SO all I can say is, happy ROck Your Socks Off Day!

Now you know novel writers little secret - novels are no harder to write than a good short story. HAHAHAHAHA!

Justine Elyot said...

Hey, Happy Launch Day! I've got my socks (red & black striped thigh highs fyi) and my glass of champagne and I'm contemplating sexy professions - lawyers (esp the Brit barrister in wig and gown); office bosses and their various staff; bar and restaurant workers; bankers who aren't wankers; campaigning journalists (not the ones that follow Paris Hilton around); teachers, esp academics; spies; orchestral conductors; villainous law enforcers; barons and baronets with twirly moustaches; space heroes etc. etc. etc.

OK, I have to go with...anyone, ultimately. I even wrote a story featuring a tax inspector. If you think hard enough, there'll be something sexy about rodent exterminators.

So are you going to give us a couple of tunes at this party? Or shall I put some money in the juke?

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Congrats on the release. Looking forward to your guest appearcne on Thursday.

Lucy Felthouse said...

Well, I'm fashionably late, aren't I? Damn the day job!

Firstly, congratulations on the release of your novel! My review copy is sitting here waiting for me to finish my current read and then delve between the pages...

As for professions, I find the 'usual suspects' sexy, i.e. firemen, soldiers, marines, mechanics...

Professions I've written about are mechanics, soldiers, teachers, office workers, and probably some I've forgotten!

Bask in the glow of your release day, you deserve it! :) xx

Jeremy Edwards said...

So are you going to give us a couple of tunes at this party?

Good thought! I'll be back at my computer in a bit to hit teh YouTube to attend to that (and catch up w/ comments).

Donna said...

What a party! I've never seen such an assembly of erotica luminaries in one place. Must be the rocking horses--or is it all these really kinky socks ;-)?

First CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful achievement, Jeremy! To write the novel that only you could write and to do it with passion is truly a gift to yourself and to all of us lucky readers.

I have to agree with Craig about the passion. Anyone who does what they love and puts that extra effort into it surely has what it takes to be very good in bed. So while I'd put engineers (good with hands and brain) and academics at the top of my list, I also like to "liberate" seemingly stuffy, arrogant businessmen and others in uniform. Chefs and cooks are very sexy, too. But really, whenever I focus on a particular person and their work, more often than not, I'm seduced by the sexiness there. Guess I'm easy to please.

I raise my glass of champagne to your novel and many more to come!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Okay, let's crank some tunes!

I give you ...

sexy nerds and scientists!

And ...

sexy screwballs!

Erobintica said...

Jeremy! I just knew that first link would be that song! Yay!

Must say, you throw one hell of a party! :-)

Smiling because we have heat again!

EllaRegina said...

Happy Rockin' Socks Off Day!

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yikes, Madeline, I'm so sorry you and Felix have been so ill! : ( It was so nice of you to drop by despite that. Please take some soup or anything else you see here that might comfort you. (Though if it's a fireman you want, you may have to take a number.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

I can just see you with the bewiggèd barrister, Justine! Your sockstastic thigh-highs go great with his getup.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for joining the party, Roxanne! Looking forward to Thursday!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Lucy! Oooh, it makes me all tingly (in a good way) to think of my book in line for reading on the LF review desk. I hope you'll enjoy it, but either way I look forward to hearing your take on it.

And thanks for adding to the "glow" today!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Donna! I indeed recognize your "ecumenical" attitude toward various professions from the breadth of your work ... but I hope you don't mind that I strongly associate you with tales of horny academics—because we've compared notes on our fondness for that model. : )

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, ER! Glad you could make it! (The animal noises in my post could use your cartoonological touch.)

Gina Marie said...

OMG, will I truly be comment #69? First of all, congrats to you, Jeremy! HUGE congrats!

Mmmm.....I love, love, love the screwball comedies, too ;-)

Let's see, professions. Librarians, of course. Museum people, yes. Archeologists! Cigar wrappers! Firefighters (the woodsy type). Helicopter pilots, for sure. Clever attorneys. Oh, I could go on and on. But wait, I forgot nuns.

You're awesome Jeremy! Love you, can't wait to get my hands on this one.


spamword: Unkies -- drop 'em, Danno!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Btw, What's Up, Doc? (see second music link) is overdetermined for academic sexiness: Ryan is a musicologist, and Barbra is a perennial student who has amassed expertise in every conceivable field.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Gina, you've just given me an idea: you and the other multi-profession-friendly people here can come to our local college and host a "career day"!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'll soon be turning off the 7-watt lightbulb in my head for the night ... but the blog door is unlocked, the room is still glowing from all your good vibes, and the place seems to be well stocked with comestibles, librarians, tree surgeons, etc. So for anyone stopping in (or back), please make yourselves at home!

I want to say that I've read all your comments three times, relishing all the praise, wit, enthusiasm, support, libido, personality, introspection, intelligence, and fun. I know I didn't manage to respond to every specific thing said, but I lapped up every ounce of it.

As I hinted earlier, I'll write a new post tomorrow about what today has meant to me—because of all of you.

And my friend the Random Number Generator has asked me to assure you that the book drawing will remain open until Friday—so any comments posted before I wake up Friday morning and bang on RNG's door are eligible! I'll announce the winner right here (actually, a few inches down from here).

Thank you!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Happy Friday! Do you all know my friend the Random Number Generator? Folks, Randy. Randy, folks. (And randy folks.)

So, RNG, which of these fabulous people has won a free copy of Rock My Socks Off?


Did you hear that, P.S. Haven? Congratulations!

Thank you all again for making Monday the best release day a boy ever had!