Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"You may never look at a rocking horse in the same way!"

I'm so chuffed about all the positive remarks that have been accruing in user reviews of Rock My Socks Off at Amazon UK!

The book has been described as "unabashedly witty and consistently delightful," with "extremely erotic sex scenes" characterized by "weird and wonderful sex in crazy places." It's been called a "fun and frisky" story "featuring characters you want to spend time with," and "a naughty little escape from the grey real world that will cause things to happen between your legs."

My novel has been labeled a "witty and intelligent erotic title from a tremendously talented US writer"! A reviewer alludes to "the tremendous chemistry between the two central characters," and another breathes the words "Stephen Fry"! RMSO has been compared enthusiastically to the type of book that offers "lots of ideas for a rainy day"; and one reader is pleased to note that "you may never look at a rocking horse in the same way!"

Thank you, reviewers!!

P.S. If anyone who has an Amazon UK account (and who has read RMSO) would care to take advantage of the "comment" button below the review by "Roroblu's Mum," just to briefly and politely set the record straight re. the distorted impression she gives regarding the book's focus, I'd be much obliged! Please note that I'm not trying to start arguments with critical reviewers; I just think this particular review could seriously mislead potential readers. Opinions are opinions, but I'm concerned here with basic information about the novel's content. I'd comment myself, but I don't have a UK account. [Advt.]

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