Monday, April 19, 2010

Twitter Sex at In the Flesh: LA!

This Thursday, April 22, is "How To Keep Your Sex Life Rockin'" night at In the Flesh: LA. The always rockin' Stan Kent, host of ITF:LA, has this to say:

One person's vanilla can be another person's kinky and vice-versa. This Thursday at 8pm at Hustler Hollywood I'm going to be posing that "what is kinky" question to two of the world's foremost sex and relationship experts, Dr. Natasha and Anna David, and you can get valuable face time with them to ask whatever you like, about whatever you like, and don't worry they talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. Dr. Natasha and Anna are not theoreticians; they most definitely practice what they preach, as you can see in Dr. Natasha's latest book, "A Little Bit Kinky - A Couple's Guide to Rediscovering The Thrill of Sex" ....

In addition to Dr. Natasha and Anna David, we'll have a Twitter Sex novel, Pod 9, written especially for the evening by Kathleen Bradean, Jeremy Edwards, D.L. King, Stan Kent and Ivy Powers. Our live music soundtrack for the evening will be provided by the amazing Julian Shah-Tayler whose kinky dance tunes include “WETTER” with lyrics like “Your body is the reason that I came, the wetter the better, I want you I want you.”

As you would expect, we had a quasiorgasmic blast tweeting erotica!

I hope any of you who are in the LA area will join the party on Thursday with Stan and the gang. (Wish I could be there!) By the way, I've had the honor of appearing with Anna David twice at the NYC In the Flesh, and so I'm speaking as a "primary source" when I tell you how riveting and entertaining a public speaker she is.

Hustler Hollywood, 8920 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood. "Free Parking In The Rear Behind The Store For The Duration Of This Adults Only Event."

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