Monday, June 14, 2010

More Summer Fun from Xcite

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Plus a FREE Lovehoney Magic Mini Rabbit Vibrator worth £9.99

I happen to have stories in all three of those collections! Sex & Satisfaction 2 includes "Moistened by Mercer":

“You’re a dirty old man, Mercer.”

“Check,” I said. “Isn’t everyone?”

“No,” she reasoned crisply. “I, for example, am not a man.”

Looking over her scrumptious anatomy, I acknowledged to myself that she had an excellent point. “And not dirty?” I asked—teasing, because I was pretty damn sure she was even dirtier than I was.

“I didn’t say that.”

Satisfy Me includes "Any Friend of Hers":
“Do you ever sort of want to fuck my friends?”

It was a strange question to hear on a Saturday morning. Consequently, it was a struggle for me to swallow rather than eject the mouthful of coffee that Dahlia’s query had overtaken.

“Huh?” I laughed. “Last I knew, this was a monogamous relationship.” I looked around from left to right, as though expecting extraneous women to emerge from the pantry or laundry chute.

Seriously Sexy 1 includes "Impressionism":

She had to know. She could not work at this desk all day, in the middle of a busy city, and not be aware of when her panties were or were not visible to the casual observer. This really mattered to me. Because, if it were an accident, it would not be polite to let my gaze linger there, or return there between paintings. If, however, it was intentional—as I supposed—then I owed it to both of us to make the most of it.


Danielle said...


you are everywhere:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

: ) I do try to pop in and visit the pantry, the laundry chute, and the underside of the desk from time to time.