Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"It's a pleasure to watch them"

Have you met Sharazade? She's a rich new voice in erotica, author of a story collection called Transported: Erotic Travel Tales. I recently had Transported transported my way by a retailer, and I've been relishing the author's sensuous and evocative descriptions, her intimate rendering of protagonist psychology, and her eyebrow-cocking wit.

And I was transported to ecstasy myself when I saw Shar's review of Rock My Socks Off! Here's a sample of what she said:

These are two wise-cracking, affectionate smart-asses. They’re a good match, and it’s a pleasure to watch them interact.

You had me at "smart-asses," Shar.

Read the whole thing here!

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Danielle said...

oh..i dont know her yet but hopped over to her blog-house and she seems to be an interesting person...