Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Hot and Hilarious"

As of this writing, the U.S. Amazon is being a little coy about showing stock on Rock My Socks Off and other Xcite releases. (They still come up as "Marketplace only.") That should change soon; but I'm ready to celebrate now, because the fabulous Polly Frost, author of Deep Inside and Sex Scenes, has given me that celebrity-ribbon-cutting, champagne-christening feeling by launching me off with a fantastic Amazon review. Entitled "Hot and Hilarious," it begins with "Jeremy Edwards is one of the best writers of erotic fiction," and concludes with "How can you not love a book that features museum rocking horses and threesomes?" : ) Thank you so much, Polly!!

Eminent eroticist, humorist, and playwright Polly is currently in the midst of a marvelously entertaining and thought-provoking conversation with the delightful Dr. Dick. The first half of the interview can be heard here [some NSFW images on Web page], and the second installment of Polly's penetrating wit and Richard's irrepressible waggery will become available at Dr. D.'s site tomorrow. Don't miss it!


madelineelayne said...

I confess to not having read it yet (but rest assured that it's on my list of 'things for Mad to buy when she actually has money'!)

However, I have to agree that it would be hard indeed not to love something that has museum rocking horses and threesomes both!

Congratulations both on the American release and on the awesome review!

Justine Elyot said...

Good on Polly! What a great feeling that must be - best of luck with the US sales.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Madeline—and thanks for putting me on your list!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, JE! And likewise! Maybe we'll be alphabetically cheek by jowl on some U.S. bookstore shelves.

Danielle said...

ha..if that isnt a great review then i have never seen one!!