Monday, October 18, 2010

Progress at Harrods

My most distinct memory of Harrods is having trouble finding my way out. The mazelike, fantasy-world character of what I'd mistakenly believed to be a mere department store was enchanting; but I was running late, and though the spot where I was scheduled to meet Helia—just outside one of the exits—was in theory just a few seconds' journey away, the "outside" part of the equation proved a challenge.

But this was years ago, and I'm very happy to learn that they've since solved this problem. How? By stocking Rock My Socks Off, of course! The compact solution to all your household and department-store inconveniences. [Advt.]

Big thanks to the awesome Lucy Felthouse for the photo!


Janine Ashbless said...

Ooh - there's posh! Harrods! - For people who have a valet to toss them off.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Jeeves: I am gratified to know that I give satisfaction, madam.