Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waiting for the other sock to drop

Still waiting for "Socks" stock at the U.S. Amazon et al.... but I'm in Amazon-review heaven with statements such as
Edwards' characters are intelligent and passionate, rushed off their feet even as they are swept off them. They are authoritative, but with nothing to prove.


It's been said that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone, and this highly imaginative, intricately-plotted farce celebrates the fact that "smart" and "sexy" go hand in hand. The breezy, deliciously irreverent wit is reminiscent of Stephen Fry.


Protagonists Jacob and Normandie are like a modern-day Nick and Nora Charles, except their Thin Man-style adventures leap quickly from clever innuendo to hot and explicit erotic encounters of every flavor.... I highly recommend you read this with a glass of champagne by your side.
Yes, some of the champagne-worthy reviews have familiar names attached to them. I not only acknowledge this fact, I embrace it.*

*And maybe rub my hard-on against its thigh and give it a little squeeze on the ass.

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Donna George Storey said...

That champagne picture is exactly what I had in mind!