Monday, January 31, 2011

We love it when you watch (and listen)!

Check out the book trailer for Gotta Have It, which editor Rachel Kramer Bussel and What That Noise Productions have created from the video and audio snippets sent in by some of the contributors!

Here's a program for the movie (for complete book lineup, go here):

Christen Clifford: “After Ten Years”

Giselle Renarde: “Meet Me In The Kitchen”

Andrea Dale: “Wasn’t It Good”

Shanna Germain: “Genesis”

Elizabeth Daniels: “Dining In The Dark”

Emerald: “Suggestion”

Marina Saint: “Eat Me”

Jeremy Edwards: “No Blame, No Shame”

Heather Lin: “Seven-Letter Word”

Kay Jaybee: “The Advantage of Working From Home”

Vampirique Dezire: “A Forced Witness”

Monocle: “Plotter”

Rachel Kramer Bussel: “Manners”

Kirsty Logan: “Pierced”

Anya Levin: “Continuing Education”

Helia Brookes: “Over The Line”

Donna George Storey: “Anal-yzed”

I love it! It's so great to see and hear so many friends and new-to-me colleagues at their sexiest.


Shanna Germain said...

Oh, man, Jeremy, I loved your bit! You're such a fantastic reader -- and I just read the whole story. Ooh, mama! Hot :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, thanks so much for all this, Shanna! On behalf of my bit and the rest of me. : )

As an East Coaster,* I don't have my book yet. But every day I await it is a day I think about your protagonist and her office hours and her boots—and your filmed rendition of same.

*So your drink doesn't damage the varnish.

Craig Sorensen said...

Great reading, as usual, Jeremy!

I'm waiting on my copy too.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, thank you, Craig!

I bet those books will be Coasting down to our mailboxes any day now.

Erobintica said...

So, I first watched this video at the illustrious Helia's blog, and gotta say, FUN FUN FUN! I love hearing authors read their own words. Great idea for a trailer!

Can't wait to sit down with the book tonight!