Saturday, January 1, 2011

Three on a Match

Happy 2011!

Now that it's January, my story "Three on a Match" can be found among the monthly offerings at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales.

“Would you like to spend a little time with me, Doug?” Renata asked abruptly.

“Huh?” I said stupidly. “What do you mean?”

Colin exchanged knowing looks with her, then grinned at me. “We
thought it might help you get the whole thing out of your system.”

I knew my face was as red as the official school sweats. I felt pathetic. “What, you mean like we go to the movies or something?” I asked weakly.

“No, Doug,” Renata said softly. “Not the movies.” Her weight shifted as she spoke to me, and I saw an instantaneous flash of pink silk lightning under her mini.

Thanks, Justus!

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