Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Essence of Essensuality

It was such a fun privilege to be part of Saturday's Essensuality event in New York!

It's difficult to summarize the extraordinary variety of sexy entertainment I got to see and hear... it ranged from luscious erotic poetry to delightfully bawdy songs to upliftingly raunchy comedy to exquisite burlesque and inspired genre-defying performance pieces. My darling Helia Brookes wowed me—and them—with her squirmingly hot "Over the Line" (we were squirming and drooling; Helia was poised and polished).* Amy Ouzoonian, Andy Izenson, Ariel Jacobson, Essence Revealed, Judith Z. Miller, Kim Weeter, Rob Lytle (and other people whose names I can't find now but, damn, how fabulous they all were!); featured performers Epstein & Hassan, Aimee Herman, and Lydia Love; and host-performer Monica Day each had a different method of setting the night on fire with sex and art and laughter. The space was great; and, thanks to MD and the backstage crew, everything ran smoothly as sensuous silk. Plus we got to hang out with Erobintica!

As for my bit: I had sooooooooo much fun presenting the quiz-show scene from Rock My Socks Off as an audience-participation happening. My audience volunteers were absolutely amazing—it's largely thanks to those brave and supertalented individuals that the whole crazy thing worked!

Future dates for Essensuality are listed here.

*We thought we had pictures of Helia reading. When we checked her camera, however, it turned out that the guy whom she'd asked to operate it while she read (cough-cough) succeeded merely in pushing the shutter hard enough to focus but not snap. He has asked me to tell you all how sorry he is.


Erobintica said...

'Twas wonderful sharing the evening with you folks and soaking in all that wonderful entertainment. Mr. E was quite impressed.

Also, the way you manipulated that quiz show host was quite something. ;-)

Congrats to both you and the lovely Helia. A splendid time was had by all.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, E! Glad Mr. E. enjoyed it as well. Terrific meeting him!