Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Live chat TONIGHT, 7-8 EST!

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel will be joined this evening by authors Elizabeth Daniels, Heather Lin, and Yours Truly for a live radio chat about Gotta Have It ! Tune in here at 7:00 PM EST TONIGHT for an hour of discussion and readings. (Additional info can be found at Goodreads.)

EDIT: Also D. L. King!


HeatherLin88 said...

Thanks so much! I enjoyed getting to talk with you, too. I especially enjoyed hearing about how you're able to write from the female POV. I've always had trouble with expanding my horizons in that sense (years of Creative Writing profs telling us to write what we know) but I'm anxious to try now. Hope to chat with you again soon!

Madeline Moore said...

I hope it went well and I just bet it did. I'd so like to play with all of you. Sigh. Well, apparently there's actually going to BE a writer's conference in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia or something in June, but it's for Christian writers. Good info for me to have for my students but not much use to me, I'm afraid.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Madeline. I had a very enjoyable time! [See next post for archived broadcast via widget.]

Re. in-person writer get-togethers: Have you heard about this? Not sure yet if I can make it, but in the meantime I'm trying to help spread the word.