Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here's What's Going Down

Coming in 2012!
(Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel!)
No, that isn't the book cover—it's just my story-specific blog-post decoration. : )

Going Down

Pretty Dull Charlotte Stein
Milk Moustache Jacqueline Applebee
Lavender Cynthia Hamilton
Etiquette Sylvia Lowry
Stacked Logan Zachary
Sucking Casey’s Cock Shanna Germain
Getting Something Out of It Annabeth Leong
Bubble Dance Jeremy Edwards
Seriously Jeanette Grey
Shuck It Dusty Horn
Dover to Victoria Station Roxy Rogers
Blush Mary Borsellino
Clean/Dirty Lucy Felthouse
Trimming Tenille Brown
Your Body is a Temple Neil Gavriel
New Additions Rachel Kramer Bussel
Do You Speak French? Chrissie Bentley
Close Your Eyes Viktoria Michaelis
Snowjob A.M. Hartnett
The Perfect Shade Elizabeth Coldwell
The Thousand-and-One Ways Graydancer


Craig Sorensen said...

Ah, but methinks the picture would make a fine cover!

Congrats, you look all bubbly with joy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you! Only her name isn't Joy, it's Doris. ; )

Craig Sorensen said...

Ohhhh Joy,
to the world,
is a beautiful girl,
but to me Joy meant only sorrow...

Harry Nilsson, anyone?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Enh, Nilsson, Schmilsson.

(Thanks for setting me up again, Craig! You're a pal.)

Craig Sorensen said...

It's always a pleasure, Jeremy!