Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Launching Today: The Pleasure Dial and OC Press!

One day nearly six years ago, a lovely, elegant webmagazine called Oysters & Chocolate Erotic accepted a piece of mine called "Any Day of the Week." I was brand new to publication as an erotica author, and the O&C site was only six months old itself.

We've both had a lot of exciting adventures in the past six years, the Oysterers and I—many of these adventures hand in hand, as they published my stories again and again on the site, included my work in the two fiction anthologies they've edited, and hooked me up with terrific opportunities in both the cyber universe (Dr. Dick's "Inside the Erotic Mind" podcast series) and the brick-and-mortar world (the Erotic Literary Salon).

What could give me greater pleasure, now, than to watch my newest erotocomedic novel launch today as the first publication of OC Press, their brand-new e-book line!

We've worked hard together, the Oysterers and I, to bring The Pleasure Dial: An Erotocomedic Novel of Old-Time Radio from manuscript to product in a relatively short time, without cutting corners. Edits were discussed, negotiated, and collaboratively executed. Cover art was lovingly created (by Hilary Stojak), and tweaked until every detail felt right to us. Someone behind the scenes labored quietly over internal book design until one day, voilà, I was shown pages of aesthetically rendered type—with formatting intact! : )

Having had the privilege of a stateroom on the maiden voyage, I can say that I think OC Press will go far. Here's to you, O Oysters! Not that I was the least bit surprised by their passion and dedication, their attention to detail, their commitment to the author's individual voice, and their knack for making a labor-intensive process easy every step of the way. Hey, like I said, I've worked with these people before! And I can't wait to see the fabulous releases to come, including works by Kay Jaybee, Gregory Allen, Simon Jacobs & Amanda Woods, and Kris Williams.

So today we bring you The Pleasure Dial, the Oysterers and I! You can find the book summary, a spicy excerpt, and a video of the author reading another spicy scene on the OC Press purchase page... and you can visit Erotica For All for a chance to WIN A COPY FOR FREE!

Erotica Readers & Writers Association's Ashley Lister had this to say: “Sex-positive and upbeat ... hurtles along at the unmissable pace of a Buster Keaton car chase.... [Edwards] knows how to tell a story that excites and entertains and his fiction is never less than a must-read.” And I'll have more to say soon, about the hows and whys of writing this novel: watch this space for guest-blogging announcements, starting next week!
The year is 1934, and amiable New York gag writer Artie Plask has taken the West Coast plunge. His first day on staff with a top radio show introduces him to the irresistible Mariel Fenton, a wit among wits who immediately takes an interest in all aspects of Artie’s life—especially his private life. As Artie finds his feet in a world of blustering comedians, pansexual sex goddesses, timid screen legends, exhibitionistic scriptwriters, and self-infatuated geniuses, Mariel leads him on a zany journey up and down the pleasure dial—a giddy romp through Hollywood that’s chock-full of airwaves showdowns, writing-room counterplots, devious impersonations, naked meetings, and a sensuality-drenched assortment of erotic escapades.


Anonymous said...

Loved that video of you reading! Top class. Jumbo pencil made me laugh! Stage backdrop also excellent.

Huge congrats on the launch, and on being with a publisher who clearly recognises and values what you're all about.

Patricia J. Esposito said...

Congratulations to you and to Oysters and Chocolate. I'm so excited about this venture. I've loved working with O & C too, for all the care they put into the publications and their respect for author's voice. It was wonderful exchanging ideas about stories with them. It's a terrific press and I wish them the best.

And good luck on your novel. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, KL!

I love reading live--even if it's just to the Flip cam--so it was nice to have an excuse to perform. And dress up! And get out the flamingos!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Patricia!

It's a sort of "best of both worlds" thing with OC Press, isn't it? Because it's new and fresh and exciting, and yet the people behind it have all this relevant experience from the webmagazine and the books they've edited.

Jordan LaRousse said...

I'm blushing! Thanks for all the sweet words. It has been our utmost pleasure and honor to work with you all these years. Your voice has truly become a shining star in the world of erotica!

Gina Marie said...

Ohhhh, wonderful Jeremy! Congrats -- I'm a huge fan of O & C and you, of course. What a wonderful combo!

spamword -- dingsacc. Wow!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, JLR! (And now I have that great EW&F track "Shining Star" in my head. I'd forgotten all about that song, but I love it.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Aw, thank you, Gina Gina! : )