Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review Roundup—and 25% off!

I'm ecstatic about the reviews continuing to come in for The Pleasure Dial! Here are snippets from the latest ones:

“Fans of Jeremy Edwards’ erotic tales are sure to enjoy this expertly-paced romp through the glamorous world of 1930’s Hollywood. You'll find Edwards’ signature witty repartee, an unfettered celebration of sensual pleasure, and plenty of clever twists in a story that evokes the screwball comedies of the golden age.”

—Donna George Storey

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“How can you not love an author who focuses first on his heroines’ intelligence and second on their sexual exuberance, with physical appearance taking third place?... This is a clever and very funny book.”
—Lisabet Sarai
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“Jeremy Edwards has, in two novels and countless shorter pieces, managed to earn himself a spot as a master of erotocomedic fiction. The light, carefree but deeply affectionate way in which his characters interact with each other has become his trademark, and I’m hooked on it.”
—Madeline Elayne
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