Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bubbles and Fountains


Rachel Kramer Bussel's Going Down anthology is hot off the press, and it includes my story "Bubble Dance." That's "bubble" as in gum! Like so:

Before she came into my life, I never knew it was possible to chew bubble gum in a manner that could be described as sensuous. But, oh, that it is. Her jaw works with a rhythm reminiscent of slow fucking: smooth on the downstrokes, then back up in broken segments of release. Her tongue darts out to lick her lips from time to time. They look hot and succulent.

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy it when I write about my favorite kink, 1001 Nights Press has recently issued four (count 'em) mini e-books under the series title Private Fountains: Wet Erotica by Jeremy Edwards!

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