Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When I was looking for a New York–based photographer to take Jeremy portraits for my website last year, I was thrilled to find the glowing work of Mayumi Yoshimaru.

When I first contacted her, I was a little concerned that she might be uncomfortable doing something like this:

But as we corresponded, I was soon reassured that shooting subjects in sexually suggestive and anatomically revealing poses was definitely not outside her parameters [NSFW].

In fact, Mayumi has such a gift for erotic photography that she is represented in the great Maxim Jakubowski's just-released Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography! Congratulations, Mayumi!

Mayumi's photography comprises a variety of subjects and tones. And if you know my erotic sensibilities at all, you won't be surprised to see which image from her RedBubble store I've selected to close this post:

"Curves" copyright © Mayumi Yoshimaru. Used with permission.

Jeremy Edwards portrait by Mayumi Yoshimaru.

All rights reserved.


Jeremy Edwards said...

P.S. If erotic-photography sessions appeal to you as fantasy fodder, you may enjoy the Rock My Socks Off excerpt found here (in text form) and here (author reading; second video down). [Advt.]

Madeline Moore said...

Her work is gorgeous. Hey, and so are you, Jeremy!

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Jeremy Edwards said...

Aw, wow, thanks, MM! I'm blushing from socks to fedora. : )

Sekrit Shoppa said...

Whoa, gorgeousness all over this post. Looking good, Jeremy :).

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Justine! This blush is for you!

Whoops, I got so involved in typing there for a minute that I inadvertently stopped ogling that magnificently beautiful b— er, that magnificently beautiful notecard. [Note to self: Resume ogling at earliest oppty.] So exquisitely lovely, Mayumi!

Craig Sorensen said...

Excellent work. Congrats to Mayumi for the inclusion in the book. You certainly chose your photographer wisely, Jeremy!

Erobintica said...