Friday, December 9, 2011

Professor Daniel Olsen Rides Again!

Or rather, Danny's new friend Fay Levine rides, on a very special bicycle:
“What the devil is it?”

“An autonavigation machine.” Sal nodded at the heavy-looking metal box that had been affixed to the handlebars. “It’s based on essentially the same principle as the Pianola. My device reads a rolled-up map, then translates the cyclist’s desired route into the appropriate maneuvers.”

“But how does—”

“Naturally, the map must be specially prepared in advance, with the rider’s planned route scored onto it with the dull end of a needle.”

“Which, as we know, can be found in the dull end of a haystack.”

Dan’s unanticipated interjection made Fay shriek with laughter. No man of hers in Paris, however sensually sophisticated, had shown a wit such as this.

“Thank you, Professor Olsen,” said Sal.
So if you're in the mood for some steampunk waggery and wiggling, step this way and read "The Girl Who Mounted Danny Olsen's Instrument," at Oysters & Chocolate Erotic. (If you missed the earlier tale starring Fay's big sister Sal and her mechanical girlfriend, that one's called "Dr. Olsen's Loquacious Automaton," and it's also at O&C.)

Thank you, Oysterers!

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