Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to my archive


Just a friendly note to say that I'm winding things down (or do I mean "winding things up"?) on this blog, and I will no longer be posting. I take this step in accordance with my (retroactive) five-year plan, which states that I've been blogging here for five years, my elbow has worn a thin patch in the carpet, and the elastic on my boxer briefs can no longer carry a tune. (You see, due to Blogger space constraints I keep just the one set of clothes here, which means everything's been through the nightly laundry cycle some 1,800 times now. I'm currently wearing the fedora on my thumb.)

I am, however, leaving the existing content intact, and I'll continue to add titles and covers to the sidebars to link to new anthology releases. (There's quite a little crop of forthcoming anthos at the moment, as a matter of fact.) There's also my website, which I keep current with all publications, any upcoming live readings, etc.

I can be reached, as ever, via e-mail (jerotic AT gmail DOT com). And if you'd like to receive my occasional bulletins (which are generally similar in form and content to the posts I've done here in the past—and which are not to be confused with occasional tables, though those might in theory have erotica anthologies on them)... then I warmly invite you to sign up for my self-heated mailing list: just e-mail me at the address above, with the subject line "subscribe."

[Please also note that while comments of yore remain visible here, commenting has now been disabled.]

Thanks for dropping by!
Jeremy (:v>

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