Thursday, November 15, 2007

More alpha-books to come!

And that's a


Shanna Germain said...

Oh my god! I am in love. I'm going to steal this and spell so many words!

Like my verification word: pehliez

(as in "puhhhhleeeeaaase, J, let me have your book covers!")

Jeremy Edwards said...

I basically stole the idea, too—from Alison and Kristina L. and their spelling photos of the books' bindings, taken spine out. Yep, I found those pics to be truly . . . spell-binding.

Alana said...


So which one do I get via our swap-age? Yayyay, can't wait!


Alana said...

Was just thinking . . . I'm the jealous type, so maybe that one? ;-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

It's a deal.

Thanks for suuuuuwwwwaaaaappppping! (Doesn't it sound like a big, sloppy kiss when you say it that way?)