Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reading to you at bedtime (or breakfast time or lunch time or whatever)

One week from tonight—that's Friday night, December 7th (or Saturday, December 8th, if you're one of those enterprising people who live in the Eastern Hemisphere and start their Saturdays before we lazy Western Hemisphere types have even finished lingering over our Fridays)—I will be appearing live (via telephone) on Air Atta Ca Talk [note: radio will autoplay], reading a selection of my erotic stories. Needless to say, I'm excited!

This online radio program begins at 1 a.m. Eastern Standard (aka New York) Time—which, technically, is very early Saturday morning, but let's call it Friday night, since we're all friends here.

I think that sometimes Air Atta Ca Talk listeners, if they're very good and get into their pajamas, are invited by the hosts to call in during the show. Sometimes I think callers even get to read their own erotica, if they're audio exhibitionists (like the guest). Or perhaps you're more the audio equivalent of a voyeur.

Now, depending where you are and what your schedule is, this event may occur when you're sleeping (or better). But, hey, if you snooze . . . you don't lose—because the podcast will be archived. So even if you're occupied with a dinner party during the broadcast, or even if you have vacation plans, you won't have to miss out.

Air Atta Ca Talk is an adults-only program with mature subject matter and explicit language and all that good stuff.


Jordan LaRousse said...

Looking forward to it!
Jordan LaRousse
Oysters & Chocolate

Just Craig said...

My hat (not a fedora, mind you) is off to you for doing this. I'm so lousy at public readings, I could never do it justice.

I'll definitely check it out!

kristina lloyd said...

Wow! I hope it goes swimmingly. I can't wait to hear your voice. I shall listen in - most likely at Kristina Lloyd Non-standard Time.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone!

I'm warming up, even as we speak. (Warming up my voice.)