Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passive Vocabulary

Sometimes, my characters are a tad verbal. To see what I mean, read my new story at Clean Sheets, "Passive Vocabulary."

Thanks, Clean Sheets!!


Novice said...

I enjoyed that tremendously. I have also been in relationships where lust was buttressed by intimacy, but I doubt I put it as eloquently as Maya.

This may sound odd, but one of my favorite things about your writing is that your characters always seem like nice people.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Novice, that's truly one of the nicest comments I've ever received. Thank you!

Craig Sorensen said...

In a sense, I feel guilty that I took this long to get around to reading “Passive Vocabulary.”

Mostly because I deprived myself of a good, funny, sexy read! But I am buttressed by the fact that this deprivation was really only a delay which I have since remedied.

Thanks Clean Sheets and Jeremy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Craig! I'm actively delighted that you enjoyed "Passive."